Toyota Entune App Will Not Recognize Vin

Car apps like Toyota’s Entune are growing in popularity. These apps allow users to connect their devices to their car and access information via the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Today, users have more ways to connect their phones and computers to the vehicle. Some of these ways include Using a desktop computer or smartphone app, Using a dashboard-mounted device, or Even Using the Vehicle Safety Chain!

When using a device such as a smartphone it can be difficult to set up notifications and alerts. Some apps will not allow you to set up notifications or alerts on your phone so you will need to send an email, text, or call the vehicle to get information.

Make sure that your phone and the car are connected to the same Wi-Fi

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If your phone does not have the Vinheneunten app, then you can try the one from Toyota instead. The one from Toyota will recognize your phone and connect to your device via internet.

The one from Toyota will also connect to your vehicle’s system via internet. This is important as if you do not have internet connection, the app will not recognize your car.

If you do not have a data plan on your phone, you can still use the app. Just make sure to enable data transfer in the app before driving. It may take up to 24 hours for it to recognize your car, but then you can use it!

Vinhene is a mobile application that connects drivers and passengers with vehicle functions such as music playback and navigation. It uses an interface called “dual screen” to allow users to adjust information while driving.

Reboot the car and check if it works

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If your car doesn’t have an Entune app, you can try to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or check if your vehicle is compatible with the app.

If it is, then the Toyota Entune app will not recognize your phone number. You will need to manually add your phone number in order for it to recognize and control the vehicle.

This is because the app requires you to have a cell phone with a data plan in order for it to function. If you do not have a data plan, then the app will not know who you are and control the vehicle for you.

You can also disable NFC on your vehicle if you do not want to use the smartphone app. This is useful if there is an issue with your smartphone or it goes out of service, so you do not receive an error message when trying to control the vehicle.

Check for any system updates

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If your car has a built-in navigation system, you should also check for any system updates. The latest version of the Entune app will not recognize your vehicle’s VIN number.

If there is a system update, it must be downloaded and installed by Toyota before you can use it. If this is done, then the new update will recognize your vehicle’s VIN number and install itself.

This is important to note- prior to installing this update, you must verify that your vehicle’s navigation system works by using the Entune app or through some other method. If the device indicates that the system works, then you do not need to install an update!

If a new piece of technology does not work but a device does, then it may be something as simple as a difference in quality that causes an error message.

Run manual scans for Bluetooth devices

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can still connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth.

However, if you have a newer device like an iPhone 8 or a Samsung Galaxy device with 4G or LTE capability, then you will need to run a manual scan for the device.

This is due to the app recognizing these newer devices with less processing power.

Once the app has processed your scan, it will display a message on your car’s touchscreen and allow you to start pairing by pressing and holding the paired cell phone against the same head unit.

Move closer to the car for a better signal

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If you’re already close to the car, then you can try moving closer to the signal. It may require a few tries, but eventually the app will recognize your vehicle and give you a better signal.

This is useful if you are traveling long distances or commuting daily. Often times your daily routine gets interrupted by errands or stops, which limits the time you can spend on your phone or computer browsing apps.

However, if you have a bad Signal Count (high power use coupled with short signal periods), then you may not need to make such concerted efforts. You may be able to stay in good quality mode even without using any special apps!

You can simply increase the volume of your vehicle’s audio system and/or utilize hands-free messaging and calls via your vehicle’s speaker system.

Delete the app and reinstall it

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If you are having trouble connecting via the app, try doing a fresh connect. Once connected, turn off notifications to ensure you connect.

If that does not work, try a different network or venue, or call the venue or network to see if you can’t connect through the app.

If that does not help, try using your regular phone number instead of an account linked to the app. If that works, then it must be a technical issue with the app and not your network or venue.

If this happens often, try using a different phone number for security purposes and/or disable location services on your phone.

Reset your phone’s network settings

toyota entune app will not recognize vin

If you’re having trouble linking your phone to your car’s infotainment system, you should do a network settings reset. This will delete all of the data from your phone and start over with the network.

This can even redeem anyconnect app for use on your new car. Once it is installed, press and hold the button on your phone until you hear a distinct click. This will take you back to the initial setup for your phone.

Now that your phone is linked to the right network, try navigating through apps and services again to make sure they are working correctly.