NC State Virginia Tech Basketball Prediction

Virginia Tech is a NCAA Division I FBS program located in Virginia. The Hokies are known for their Basketball and Men’s Golf programs, so it is worth looking into those to see what the pattern is.

Technically, Nc State is a Football School, but they play Basketball as their main sport. This makes sense because of the two major sports at Nc State: Basketball and Football.

Basketball is a pretty popular sport here in North Carolina, so this prediction may be well received! Nc State does not have the highest attendance numbers, however. According to Google Analytics, their home arena holds about 4,000 people at a time when filled!

That makes it hard to scale the event up enough to be significant.

Wolfpack are better

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Now, let us take a look at what the Nc State Virginia Tech basketball game prediction teller has to say about this.

The Virginia Tech Wolfpack are a mid-major conference team, but they are a good one. In fact, they are one of the best teams in their conference!

Their success is thanks to their smart play and intensity on both ends of the floor. They have an ingenious style of play that relies on speed, ball movement, and shooting ability.

This week, they will take on the Nc State Wolfpack in their first ever meeting. This will be a great opportunity for both teams to prove themselves and show what they can do.

Ball movement is another key for the Virginia Tech Wolfpack. Their style requires them to move the basketball with precision and speed throughout the course of a game. This is why it is so important for them to have that initial energy before each possession.

NC State has the ball more

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

In a Nc State vs. Virginia Tech Basketball Predictionheim bullet point, would you give more cred to ball-hogging defenders or passing-centric players?

In order for Nc State to have a shot at the tournament, they’ll need to improve on this aspect of the game. In order for them to advance in the tournament, they’ll need to spread the floor and utilize more jump shots than deep ball types.

Playing with an unselfish attitude will help in this regard as well as playing with creativity and attackingability will help create opportunities for jump shots. While neither of these two qualities are exclusive to Nc State, they are better when played together.

If either of them improve, then we can expect a bigger boost in their Tournament Performance Score (TPS). TPS is what accounts for how much an team scores per unit of time (in points per unit).

VT gives up many offensive rebounds

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

In order for Nc State to have a chance at beating Virginia Tech, they will need to maintain a high offensive rebound average. Heading into Saturday’s game, the Hokies lead the nation in offensive rebounding percentage with 39.9%.

This is due to the way they utilize their big men. They push the ball up the floor and when it gets there, they leverage their height and weight to win rebounds. Nc State will have to be on guard when they take on Virginia Tech as they have proven enough of a force this season.

They have been performing at an exceptional level this season and are one of the top teams in college basketball. If they can keep their consistency on Saturday, then I believe they can come out on top.

Howell plays well when his team needs it most

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Howell plays well when his team needs it most. When he is on his game, he can matchup up against the best in the world.

When he is on his game, he can match up against the best in the world. In 2010, when Nc State was playing Virginia Tech in the NCAA Tournament, Howell was one of the stars on Howell played well when his team needed it mostwhen his team needed it most. When he is on his game, he can matchup up against the best in the world. In 2010, when Nc State was playing Virginia Tech in the NCAA Tournament, Howell was one of the stars on The Opening National Championship Game where Nc State beat Vtomahsto play at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia two weeks before tipoff.

Howell has a chance to repeat as national champion by being on fire at all times during tournament time.

NC State has been playing better basketball recently

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Since the beginning of the year, NC State has gone 8-2 in its league with a 2.8 PPG average per game average. They have been climbing the rankings in their conference, and are currently #14 in our polls.

This is an exciting team to watch because they are known for their high-scoring offense and stingy defense. Their guards get a lot of touches, so it is important they lead the team in production.

Their shooting percentage is very efficient, as they shoot 49% from the field and 42% from behind the three-point line. Their bench gets you games when your starters are struggling, as they can produce big games on their own.

Their biggest strength this season has been their defense. They have only allowed 48% of shots made against them to be successful and kept teams at just 43%. This has helped them hold their opponents to 31% from three-point range which is a huge help.

has no Smith Jr. anymore

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Nc State has had no Smith for years. When Smith stepped in as coach, the Wolfpack had a winning record for six straight seasons, but never a trip to the Final Four.

Since Smith left in 2009, Nc State has gone 5-24 record against Virginia Tech. This is not an average record either, this is a bad record. This is even with Smith at the helm!

The only time Nc State was even close to defeating Virginia Tech was when Smith was still there as head coach. In 2009 and 2010, Nc State beat Virginia Tech by five and seven points, respectively.

This year will be different though because no one on Virginia Tech’s team can guard the three-point shot like Andrew Williams can.

These teams are not that different anymore

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Last season, Nc State and Virginia Tech played in the ACC Tournament. In that tournament, Virginia Tech won their first-round game against Nc State but lost the rest of the series.

This year, both teams are back in the tournament and looking to advance farther. This will be a tough matchup, so do not miss this one!

Both teams have experienced senior leaders on and off the court, so you can trust that both coaches will put forth a good effort on and off the court.

Home court advantage?

nc state virginia tech basketball prediction

Nc State is headed into Virginia Tech with a lot to prove. They have been struggling recently and are looking to solidify their spot in the NCAA Tournament as a region team.

This week they took on the Blacksburg Black Bear, a tough opponent that has proven to be a foe for Nc State in the past. This week they will have the advantage as Virginia Tech is located just down the road!

This could be an advantage or disadvantage for Nc State, we will have to see if it plays a role in the game this Thursday. If Nc State can earn an early lead, it may help them seal the win with some efficient shooting and good defense.

While playing at home may give them an edge this week, I believe it will be more than just an advantage.